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Why Choose Speak-More

The SPEAK- MORE BASIC Course includes:-  

15-20 hours of structured teaching per week in small class groups working in a classroom environment for this part of the course.   Speak-More employs fully qualified, English mother tongue teachers.

Speak-More has specifically designed its classrooms to allow essential formal English Language study, in small groups, with an interactive and fun course structure.

Speak-More learning process has been researched and developed over a number of years by Educational specialists with proven high rates of success in teaching to all levels of students. Speak-More accommodation is of the highest quality.

Speak-More courses, activities and excursions provide continued learning throughout the day and the evening.  The interactive teaching, offered by Speak-More,  includes many fun activities as an integral part of the English immersion courses.

Speak-More courses ensure that all students participate in an exciting range of interactive speaking and learning activities designed to encompass all tasks and tastes to incorporate the needs of both young people and adults. These activities have been designed specifically by Speak-More to fully use, practise and develop English skills studied during the course.  The activities include:

CUSTOM-DESIGNED Courses are available for personal or business purposes and always include total English immersion but studies, activities and methodology of achieving this will be designed to meet specific needs.  These courses include one-to-ones, intensive IELTS preparation, Cambridge Certificate preparation, etc. to the desired level of competence.

Please email us at to discuss your specific needs for custom designed courses.



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