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Teaching Professionals

Speak-More is proud of all its teaching and assisting staff.  Each teacher has been chosen because of the high quality of ability and success rate that each has demonstrated.   Speak-More teachers are fully qualified and are English mother tongue.  Each will be teaching the Speak-More designed classroom course with a mix of formal, interactive and fun activities, and will be there to answer academic questions relating to the English language.   Teachers will be in a position to change your class level if required and will be working with Teaching Assistants, Residence Assistants, and Directors to monitor Learners’ progress.  

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

The TAs at Speak-More are university graduates or under-graduates (many with qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language.) They have youth and enthusiasm to add to your enjoyment of using modern-day English terminology. All Speak-More TAs are dedicated to supporting students and teachers in the learning journey both in the classroom and through outings and activities. Their responsibilities will include accompanying you on excursions, assisting with English usage, and making sure that you enjoy your experience with Speak-More in a professional and safe, yet fun, environment.











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