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In-Family Accommodation

Speak-More full immersion courses are based on the recommendation of Host Family Accommodation: we have a register of local Host Families whom we know personally and trust.

If you are placed with a family, you will have accommodation that has been fully approved, and which is regularly checked by Speak-More. Family placements can be for an individual student or for more than one.  The family (or Speak-More if necessary) will always provide transport for you to attend both the classroom for morning study and all activities during your stay.

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Speak-More has a close working relationship with a small B&B based within 10 minutes walking distance of the School. The B&B is attractive and clean providing excelent accommodation and facilities.

Hotel Accommodation

There are several hotels in the Camberley area and arrangements can be made for hotel accommodation if required.


* Custom designed courses will incorporate assessment of the type of accommodation and accompanying services that best suit your needs.








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